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Futura Pro at Chic Beauty Salon

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Futura Pro weight loss programme, which is suitable for both males and females and is medically approved. This state of the art computerised machine can tailor a weight loss programme specifically for your needs. Chic Beauty Salon, located on Longford's Dublin Street are the first to introduce this to Ireland.

The Furura Pro® introduces a new Bioptic impulse the combines with Myo Stimulation, Micro Currents, Ultracell and Ultrasound Transmission in over 150,000 progressive programme stages, specificully formulated to encompass every body and face styling.

One Bioenergy System with multiple therapies, the Futura Pro has the answer to everything you need - slimming, anti-cellulite, anti-aging, wrinkle reduction,detox, deep lift & tone, massage, body sculpting, post natal, reflexology, acupressure and chromotherapy to name but a few.









Face Menu - Futura Pro



Face Menu - For a Younger Looking Face

Ultratone offers you every facial improvement you desire. Just see what Ultratone can do for you in a 30 minute treatment. Lie back and relax whilst Ultratone does the Beauty.

Non Surgical Facelift Programs will exercise and lift the facial lmuscles, reducing fine lines and toning saggy skin.

Anti-Ageing Smooth and Tone will enhance the production of collagen and elastin, toning and lifting deep muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage and Toxin Release will activate the lymph nodes to drain out extra fluids and toxins for a clear complexion.

Wrinkle Reduction will be achieved by tightening sagging facial muscles and smoothing out the skin.

Smile again will vastly improve the area around the mouth, making your smile radiant and young again.

Microcurrent Ultracell will energise th e active ingredients in creams and gels to rejuvenate & tone the skin; ideal for improving texture and elasticity.

Maintenance programs will ensure that all the benefits and results achieved are sustained.






Futura Pro - Body Menu



Body Menu - For the Figure of Your Dreams

Ultratone offers you a vast array of Ultimate Bodyshaping programs that are designed to achieve long term results.

Ultrafast Inchloss & Slimming Programs will give you results from your first treatment. Maintain them with a course of 12.

Anti Cellulite & Circulation Programs will help break down cellulite and improve circulation in the treated area.

Body Sculpting will provide all the shaping and slimming signals to reduce waist measurements and cellulite for a superb figure.

Lift, Tighten & Tone, three combined Programs to lift, tighten and tone exactly where is needed.

Multi Body is Pure Indulgence as three separate body areas are improved simultaneously with three different Programs.

Holistic Fitness comprise a series of programs that will strengthen, build and tone muscles faster than ordinary exercise.

Lymphatic Drainage and Detox Programs will give you a soothing massage and flush out extra fluids to reduce puffiness.